Free Estimate on Tree Services

What is a Free Estimate from an Arborist?

When an arborist comes to your residence to give you an estimate for tree work to be done, the estimate is free. These visits are specific to your needs and requests. Estimates/Sales calls will produce an estimate for a tree removal, trimming of trees for clearance or other needs, stump grinding or other specific tree needs.

However, if you are unsure of what is wrong with your tree or need professional advice, it would then be considered an Arborist visit or consultation. Arborist visits are not free of charge and have an associated fee. If at the end of the arborist visit there is work to be conducted, then the arborist fees are deducted from the final agreed upon estimate thereby making it a free estimate. Conversely, if the arborist is called out to give a free estimate and a discussion about the trees happens to answer a question or solve an issue and both parties agree that no work is needed; an arborist visit fee may be charged.

These Gen3 Millennial arborists are hard at work surveying trees!

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Interested in a free estimate on your tree services? Our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist ®, Eric Putnam, will come to your residence, business, or land to evaluate. Call or contact us today to schedule or use our convenient online form to book an appointment.