Arborist Visit / Consultation

What is an arborist visit?

An arborist visit is a homeowner’s opportunity to ask a professional tree expert any questions or concerns they may have about their trees. An ISA Board Certified Master Arborist ® (abbreviated as BCMA) will be able to educate you on what kind of trees you have, the approximate age, the health of your trees, any current disease or issues, and the proper care and maintenance of your trees.

Many homeowners are interested in caring for their own trees and landscape in order to save money and time. Our BCMA will gladly teach you how to organically care for your trees and where to obtain the necessary products or tools that the experts use. During the arborist visit, you will be armed with the knowledge to protect your property and trees from unscrupulous, unprofessional, and untrained tree services.

The arborist will give you written information on how to DIY your trees’ care, as well as information that may change the way you view your trees. If the project is greater than the skill of the homeowner or the homeowner would rather the arborist perform the work, then an estimate for tree services will be provided. Upon the acceptance of the estimate, we will gladly deduct your arborist visit fees from the final agreed-upon price. Our main goal during an arborist visit is to answer questions and educate the homeowner.

During an arborist visit, we diagnose your trees and work with the homeowner to explain the issue. For example, this Queen Palm was accidentally damaged by herbicides used by the homeowner.

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Why pay for an arborist visit?

Arborist visits are professional expert consultations on a residential level that cover technology, information, education, and ideas that are shared with the homeowners without the anticipation of making any sales. Estimates/Sales calls are different from arborist visits in that we offer these services free of charge with the anticipation of securing work. On sales calls, the arborist has a limited amount of time to spend with the customer to ensure an affordable and reasonable estimate that maintains profitability.

Conversely, when an arborist comes out to your residence to share their expert information, their time needs to be accounted for. Most arborist visits last an hour or less, which includes drive time. On the rare occasion that there is an extended drive time (i.e. more than 1 hour one way), the cost of drive time both ways may be added to the cost of the visit.

As an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist ®, we bring expert value to the conversation and always strive to leave the customer with tangible information regarding the visit. Our company offers a discount on the consultation fees when paid in advance prior to the appointment. We acknowledge that on occasion an arborist visit can lead to sales. In these cases, the arborist visit fee will be deducted from the estimate after the price for work has been approved.

After diagnosing this Red Oak group tree with a Formosa termite infestation associated with a pioneering fungi known as "white rot," the master arborist will discuss with the homeowner best treatment options.

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