Preventative Care for Trees

Are you a contractor or homeowner considering doing renovations or construction near your trees? Before you do anything, read the following information to help prevent damages and diseases due to construction and poor yard care.

Trees are susceptible to injury and diseases when the root system in the surrounding area is disturbed (with some trees, this could be a 100 ft. radius!). Things that may create damages and disease include but are not limited to, building, trenching, digging, filling, or compacting the root zone area of the tree. These can all be fatal to your tree. However, we can work with you or your contractor to pre-treat the surrounding area and rope off a set perimeter to ensure the survivability of your tree. It is imperative for this to be done prior to any construction or work being done, including demolition. 

Another large factor to the spreading of diseases and pests is dirty lawn or tree pruning equipment, which is why we ensure all of our equipment is cleaned thoroughly after each job.

Please reconsider the use of herbicides on your yard and landscapes, because they do affect your trees and plants negatively. We will show you other ways to prevent unwanted weeds in your lawn and landscapes that will be healthier for the environment.

With a free estimate from our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist ®, we’ll advise you on the best preventative care to protect your trees and ensure survivability during any home renovations or nearby construction work.